5 Hacks to Block Spam SEO Traffic in Google Analytics

Website spam is a real pain on the neck. The worst side of any website spamming is that it affects Google Analytic account. The importance of analytics for a business to survive the online game is not unknown to anyone. People who run their brand with successful SEO campaigns are pretty much aware of the significance of analytics.

So, individuals must embrace a few tactics to save the fake traffic paving way to their websites. Marketers usually opt for the SEO Toronto agency to deal with this issue.

Below given are the few tips amongst the lot, marketers can incorporate to block spam SEO traffic:
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  1. Starting with Analytic Traffic

The very first step that the SEO Toronto agencies prefer doing is to filter the analytics traffic. It is indeed a smart way to initiate the process as subsequent filtering aids in proper understanding for the reasons of spamming. Moreover, it also let the owners know about the elements that are being removed from the data set.

Marketers with basic analytic knowledge have the option to create a separate view in Google Analytics to get control over the traffic. By going to ‘Admin’ and creating a new view, individuals can set an appropriate time zone.

  1. Damming up the Known Bots & Spider

Too many bots are powerful enough to spoil the traffic. Hence, it is imperative to block the known bots and spiders. However, removing the bots manually is an impossible task. The good news is that, one doesn’t have the do it manually as Google Analytics comes with a handy button for blocking the known bots.

According to a survey, people who use this tactic can save up to 80% time and effort at once. Moreover, Google will also provide assistance by updating the feature automatically whenever it crosses a new bot. By going to ‘view setting’ one can complete this task seamlessly.

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  1. Addition of Spam Referrers

Even after performing above-mentioned hack, presence of referrers is noticed quite a few times. Honestly, such referrers can never be entertained in a website. To get rid of such issues, one needs to open the referrer report. Use the advanced filter setting to check the sessions which went beyond the usual. Once done, the users can get rid of the redundant ones and implement the suitable sites into the referral list.

  1. Blocking of Traffic from Particular Region

This is one of the unique techniques the SEO Toronto agencies practice religiously to remove the spam traffic from the websites. However, the users are advised to use this step iff they obtain a lot of spam traffic from particular regions or even countries. Blocking such regions won’t attribute in losing potentials or customers.

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  1. Obstruction of Bad Bots

This is the toughest one to deal with. Blocking the bad bots entails a good amount of expertise and time. Use of wrong characters can entirely ruin the website. So, to stay on the safer bet, it is always recommended to hire the SEO Toronto company & have process access to a server.

Marketers need to remember that the removal of spam traffic is a continuous process. Thus, it needs a dedicated team to fight against all the odds. To keep the SEO campaigns on fleek, outsourcing an SEO agency seems to the best decision.