Detective vs. Private Investigator: Know the Difference

Are you worried that your husband is having an extramarital affair in Toronto? Well, such cases are increasingly harrowing and can wreak havoc on one’s reputation. However, if the uncertainty is killing you, there’s a simple solution – hire a private investigator Toronto to find out the needful.

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Now, this might seem like the best option, but before you set out to hire your investigator, remember that it’s not the same as hiring a detective. While the two might seem synonymous, a private investigator and detective each have different functions.

So, for your clarity, this blog will discuss the difference between the two and help you select the correct private investigator for your case.

What is a Job of a Detective?

Police Detectives are mainly part of a police organization and can work for state or federal levels. These detectives can be responsible to police departments and work on investigating crimes and finding the perpetrator. These people directly deal with questioning potential suspects, interviewing them and linking up cases to find the solution.

Apart from these, these detectives can write reports and also directly charge the accused and arrest him/her.

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What is the Job of a Private Investigator?

Unlike detectives, when you are considering private investigator Toronto or elsewhere, these people work directly for clients. So, when dealing with private matters like affairs and embezzlement cases these investigators look pit for suspects and tail potential criminals to bring them to justice.

Most of the private investigators deal with issues involving matrimonial matters, civil fraud, and litigation cases etc. These investigators, unlike the detectives, cannot directly make an arrest unless they have a special permit to do so.  These investigators function mainly on surveillance and finding out relevant information for clients.

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Detective vs. Investigator:

Educational Requirements:

In the case of detectives, one has to serve as a law enforcement officer beforehand to be offered the post of a police detective. This means he/she must have an associate’s degree in law enforcement to become a fully acknowledged detective.

Now, to become a private detective all such requirements are not mandatory. However, numerous private investigators are equipped with various law degrees for criminal injustice. It’s always better to pick a private investigator Toronto with a specialization for certified results.


In most states, a private investigator requires having a proper license that requires having experience in areas of law enforcement. Now, while this varies from country to country, in states that require a license, private investigators have to serve in a police firm to gather the license. Hence most of the private investigator Toronto is aged and retired police officers.

On the other hand, in the case of a police detective, he/she first has to serve the role of a law enforcement officer and later be promoted to the post of detective.

So, now that you’re quite aware of how a detective and private investigator functions. Hire a trusted private investigator Toronto and find out if you’re being cheated on or not. In case, you find your spouse guilty you can then lodge a certified legal complaint.