Closed For the Holidays? Mandatory Vacations and the Duty to Accommodate Religious Observance

Businesses houses based in Canada, like other countries, such as the USA or the UK close their business operation during Christmas and New Year. Toronto Labour lawyer feel that it is obligatory for employers to provide the statutory holidays or general holidays. Basically, statutory holidays are holidays which are recognized by the law. Employers can’t force their employees to work on this day. However, even if a person is required to work on holidays, they should be given an extra pay or an extra holiday should be given to them.

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Spending Time with Family

When businesses remain closed during holidays, it’s mainly due to the fact that the business operators want to spend some quality time with their families. Holiday season is the time when employers and employees can go on a vacation. Or, simply one wants to spend some good time with their kids and partner.

Thing to Consider

Toronto Labor lawyers mention that due to the multicultural nature of workplace, there is a conflict between employment obligations and the beliefs of the people. With people from varying culture working under the same roof, it becomes difficult to adjust to every employee’s belief. However, employers should make sure that they provide religious holidays.

When a business runs their business operation with thousands of employees, then the decision for announcing the holiday becomes very complicated. For instance, if an employee decides to take an extended leave along with the holiday period, business operator needs to consider if it is going to hamper their business. However, employers should provide their employees some quality vacation time without the fear of losing their wages.

 Mandatory Vacations

 Labor attorneys feel that it is important to break the impression that employees have the right to decide their vacation time. It is not like that. Employers can manage the vacation time of their employees. They can ensure that the staff remains adequate all throughout the season. Toronto Labour lawyer mention that employees can go for a holiday season when their employer feels its appropriate time for vacation.

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Providing Religious Holidays

 Under the British Columbia Human Rights Code religion always remains protected from any sort of discrimination. Hence, employers are bound to make room for religious observance. An employer should provide their employees with the option to use their vacation time or take time off with salary for observing their religion functions.

It would be better if employees accommodate the request for religious holidays in an impartial manner.  Toronto Labour lawyer make it clear to both employers and employees that if any employee’s paid leaves gets finished, the employee must be complied with unpaid leaves.

An employee should be allowed to work on other days so that they get their religious holidays. For instance, Human Rights Tribunal feels that an employee’s existing privileges shouldn’t be infringed. The idea to adjust the religious holidays an solely depend on employer and employees.

Labor attorneys feel that employees while hiring staffs should make it clear about their holiday policies that one is entitled to. In case, one needs to handle the religious observance, Toronto labor lawyers feels that’s one can talk about it with their employers beforehand.