Why Spousal Sponsorship Applications Get Rejected?

Spousal sponsorship which is a Canadian immigration program is a blessing for a lot of people. The program enables people to assist their spouses to immigrate to Canada. The Canada government gets thousands of applications each year but unfortunately, not all of them obtain a positive decision. Spousal sponsorship program comes under the program of Family Class immigration that gets a huge volume of applications every year. Canada granted permanent residences to at least 50,000 applicants in 2012 under this category. Because of the backlog that has been gathering for the last 10 years, some of the applicants have been waiting for the decision for more than 8 years.

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What was the effect of the application’s backlog?

Canada has been receiving fraudulent applications under the Family Class category in the last few years which also includes the Spousal Sponsorship program. People create relationships and make a try to migrate to Canada for that reason. They even take the help of Spousal Sponsorship lawyer Toronto at that time for the guidance. As more and more applications were recognized as fraudulent, the Canada government take the responsibility to counter the problem.

What were the prime revisions?

The key revision is that the sponsor must now stay together with the immigrant spouse for at least two years. To make sure that the policy is being noted, the immigration office sends its agents without any notice. If you will take the help of Spousal Sponsorship lawyer Toronto, you can come to know many things about this matter.

Spousal Sponsorship lawyer canada

Will my application be accepted?

It is very important to have complete knowledge of the Spousal Sponsorship process to immigrate to Canada successfully. For that, you should consult the best Spousal Sponsorship lawyer Toronto for achieving the right information. They will surely have experience in dealing with various Canadian immigration cases. These things should be kept in mind if you think to apply yourself. If you want your spouse to migrate to Canada, the thing to remember is that it must have been at least five years before you can sponsor your spouse.

Spousal Sponsorship lawyer canada

Do you want to enhance your chances of approval?

If yes, then there are many licensed firms in Toronto who have assisted a lot of applicants to sponsor their relatives. If you do not support your application with proofs, your application might get disapproved.

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